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Gallery: Dorset Miscellaneous

Family outside 'Brookdale', possibly Ferndown, c. 1900s

@iamtimbo / 3 years ago / 981 views / 1 comments

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The postcard credit on the back os for Frederick Ash of Victoria Road, Ferndown, so there is a chance that this is a local family, but the house doesn't stand out, and I can't find any reference to a 'Brookdale' in Ferndown....

Hint: Drag the orange pegman to see the Streetview image...

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@iamtimbo on 04 May 2019 23:02:41

This is the back of the postcard - no stamp or postmark, unfortunately;

postcard back_0003resize.jpg

Transcription as far as I can work it out...

Dear Mrs Snow, 

Thanks for P.C. +

if such are alright I will

have them 40 for £1.

We are coming up on

the 15th I will pay for

them + bring them back.

Hope all are well,

We are capital - 

except my back + that keeps bad - :

Could you all

come back with us

for a few days

Kindest regards

+best wishes

Yours sincerely 

Charles Knott

Look through magnifying

glass at group

{rotated on side}

Kindly let Mrs Evans know

Slightly mysterious - what was Charles Knott buying from Mrs Snow 40 for a pound? Anyway, the writer clearly thinks that the reader will know the people in the group when they look at it with a magnifying glass, so if the photo was taken in Ferndown, then it could be a local family......

Here they are in all their glory....


Swaggering casual guy (2nd from right) looks slightly out of place....!