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Gallery: Dorset Miscellaneous

The Square, Wimborne, c. 1920s

@iamtimbo / 6 years ago / 1725 views / 1 comments

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The real beginnings of the use of The Square for car parking can be seen in this photo, putting it in the Twenties, or thereabouts, I should think.

The King's Head is offering lunches and teas, whilst the building on the corner where the Boot's optician is now has a sign saying 'Garage' , with a tyre advertisement on the roof. FC Douch's name is visible over the shop in the middle, whilst a van (or possibly even tanker) advertising 'Royal Daylight Oil' can be seen outside the Lloyds/TSB building on the far right.

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@iamtimbo on 12 Dec 2016 07:58:48

I've just bought this on eBay, so this is the scan that the seller posted. With any luck a proper scan once I receive the original will reveal more detail, so I'll update the image once I've done that....