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    St Martin's Church, Tipton, c. 1900s

    Added by @iamtimbo 5 years ago / Views: 7412
    In Gallery: Staffordshire Miscellaneous

    This iteration of St Martin's Church in Tipton was known locally as the 'pepperpot' (for obvious reasons!), and was opened in 1795, closing in the...

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    Drake Street, Rochdale, c. 1930s

    Added by @iamtimbo 2 years ago / Views: 2082
    In Gallery: Lancashire Miscellaneous Photos

    The Wellington on the left is still there, and the opticians on the right is now a Dallas Fried Chicken. The domes on the buildings up Drake Street...

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    Imperial Hotel, Blackpool, c. 1900

    Added by @iamtimbo 7 years ago / Views: 6894
    In Gallery: Imperial Hotel, Blackpool, c. 1900

    The Imperial Hotel on a windy day with two horse-drawn carriages parked outside awaiting fares. The hotel was built in 1867-8 by Clegg and Jones at...

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    28 College Road, Clifton, c.1900s

    Added by @iamtimbo 2 years ago / Views: 1627
    In Gallery: Bristol Miscellaneous

    This image appears on a postcard sent to Boscombe from Clifton in May 1905. I believe that the house is a dormitory for Clifton College, a private...

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    J J Allen's Auxiliary Depository, Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, c. 1920

    Added by @iamtimbo 7 years ago / Views: 3756
    In Gallery: Dorset Miscellaneous

    Taken looking north along Holdenhurst Road, showing J J Allen's Depository, along with the many shops fronting the street. Shops discernible...

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    A view down the public footpath, Ugford, Late 1980's

    Added by @Noswar 5 years ago / Views: 698
    In Gallery: Ugford

    Here is a very similar view to another I have listed only about 7 years later. I always tried to get the end of he house into a picture to prove it...

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    The Square, Wimborne Minster, c. 1940s

    Added by @iamtimbo 7 years ago / Views: 2362
    In Gallery: Wimborne Pictures

    Possibly taken from the balcony of the King's Head, this view looks towards the original Boots location (before it moved to Crown Mead), Hardy's...

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    Lord Street, Southport, c. 1950s

    Added by @iamtimbo 2 years ago / Views: 1993
    In Gallery: Merseyside

    This postcard was sent in 1954 by 'Em' to Miss Walters in Weaverham, Northwich. It's taken looking north east from next to Beales (which closed in...

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    West Borough, Wimborne Minster, c. 1920s

    Added by @iamtimbo 7 years ago / Views: 2020
    In Gallery: Wimborne Pictures

    The road looks particularly narrow in this Valentine picture looking towards The Square and the Minster beyond. Looking at the car, and the ladies'...

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