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    St Martin's Church, Tipton, c. 1900s

    Added by @iamtimbo 4 years ago / Views: 5115
    In Gallery: Staffordshire Miscellaneous

    This iteration of St Martin's Church in Tipton was known locally as the 'pepperpot' (for obvious reasons!), and was opened in 1795, closing in the...

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    Wimborne Road, Winton, Bournemouth, c. 1900

    Added by @iamtimbo 2 years ago / Views: 747
    In Gallery: Dorset Miscellaneous

    This shot is taken looking north along Wimborne Road at the junction with Talbot Road (on the left). The building on the immediate right is now...

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    Market Cross House, Hawkhurst, Kent, c. 1898

    Added by @iamtimbo 4 years ago / Views: 607
    In Gallery: Old Cottages and Farm Houses in Kent and Sussex

    This building is still in existence, and the map location is accurate. The images in this album are from a 1900 book entitled 'Old Cottages and...

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    The Crown Hotel & 'Lillies of the Valley', Wimborne Minster, c. 1910

    Added by @iamtimbo 4 years ago / Views: 3442
    In Gallery: Dorset Miscellaneous

    A detailed close-up of the front of the Crown Hotel - where Costa Coffee and Barclays are now - complete with coachmen and footmen on hand. The...

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    Railway Bridge over the Stour, Wimborne Minster, 1974

    Added by @iamtimbo 6 years ago / Views: 2445
    In Gallery: Railway Pictures, Wimborne Minster, 1974

    The bridge over the Stour at Wimborne.

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    Shaftesbury Hotel, London, c. 1900

    Added by @iamtimbo 5 years ago / Views: 1336
    In Gallery: London Miscellaneous

    This is the Shaftesbury Hotel, in Seven Dials, just off Shaftesbury Avenue. The building is still a hotel, the Radisson Blu Mercer Street, but...

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    Queen's Hotel, Hastings, c. 1950s

    Added by @iamtimbo last year / Views: 1111
    In Gallery: East Sussex Miscellaneous

    The structure of the building still exists, but is no longer the Queen's Hotel. Very recognisable, but a far cry from the impression it gives in...

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    Lord Street, Southport, c. 1950s

    Added by @iamtimbo last year / Views: 1039
    In Gallery: Merseyside

    This postcard was sent in 1954 by 'Em' to Miss Walters in Weaverham, Northwich. It's taken looking north east from next to Beales (which closed in...

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    Hampstead High Street, London, late 60s/early 70s

    Added by @iamtimbo 6 years ago / Views: 13273
    In Gallery: Hampstead High Street, London, c. early 1970s

    View from outside the greengrocers, with the Bird in Hand pub on the other side of the road. A newer building on the site is now (2015) a...

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    High Street, Chatham, c. 1900s

    Added by @iamtimbo 4 years ago / Views: 2757
    In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

    The High Street is virtually unrecognisable in this picture, with so much modernisation having been carried out in the intervening century. A...

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