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  • Corkscrew Shuttle, Wimborne Minster, 1974

    Added by @iamtimbo 3 years ago / Views: 772
    In Gallery: Railway Pictures, Wimborne Minster, 1974

    The last passenger train into Wimborne Station, was the Corkscrew Shuttle, a special charter.

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    Hampstead High Street, London, late 60s/early 70s

    Added by @iamtimbo 3 years ago / Views: 5137
    In Gallery: Hampstead High Street, London, c. early 1970s

    View from outside the greengrocers, with the Bird in Hand pub on the other side of the road. A newer building on the site is now (2015) a...

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    St Martin's Church, Tipton, c. 1900s

    Added by @iamtimbo last year / Views: 645
    In Gallery: Staffordshire Miscellaneous

    This iteration of St Martin's Church in Tipton was known locally as the 'pepperpot' (for obvious reasons!), and was opened in 1795, closing in the...

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    Added by @iamtimbo 3 years ago / Views: 988
    In Gallery: Blackpool Holidaymakers, c. 1950s

    Holidaymakers make their way from the Promenade towards Talbot Road Station on the London & North Western Railway. The Church of the Sacred Heart...

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    High Street, Sittingbourne, c. 1900s

    Added by @iamtimbo 2 months ago / Views: 380
    In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

    Traditional view down Sittingbourne High Street - not a motor vehicle in sight, but plenty of action. That ladder propped up against the clock...

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    H. C. Farrant, Baker, Wimborne Minster, Date Unknown

    Added by @iamtimbo 3 years ago / Views: 950
    In Gallery: Wimborne Pictures

    Presumably this is Farrant himself, stood with his delivery horse and van. The van says it's from the St John's Bakery, although I'm not sure of...

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    Church of St James, Holt, c. 1900s

    Added by @iamtimbo one month ago / Views: 130
    In Gallery: Dorset Miscellaneous

    According to the Wimborne Minster website, this building is a rebuilt chapel of 1834, and includes a pulpit and bell formerly belonging to the...

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    Wimborne Police Station, Poole Road, October 1984

    Added by @iamtimbo 3 years ago / Views: 1280
    In Gallery: Wimborne Police Station, Poole Road, c. 1984

    In 1756 the Chief Magistrate of Westminster, Henry Fielding, set up the first full-time police force. In 1856 the County and Borough Police Act was...

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    “Practical Jobbing”, Unknown Location, Date Unknown

    Added by @iamtimbo one month ago / Views: 55
    In Gallery: Forgotten Photo Friday

    Great picture of a cobbler, complete with hammer and shoes in hand. Sadly no idea where it is, or who, or when. If you have any thoughts, then...

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    Wilton Cemetery, Wilton, 1990’s

    Added by @Noswar 4 months ago / Views: 224
    In Gallery: Wilton cemetery next to Ugford

    This is the cemetery where a lot of gypsy burials took place. I remember watching from the road which looked down into the cemetery. I expect the...

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