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    Newcastle Street, London, 1907

    Added by @iamtimbo 6 years ago / Views: 2147
    In Gallery: Allsorts

    This building in Newcastle Street carries hoardings advertising all sorts of products, from lager to soap. Newcastle Street no longer exists -...

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    St Martin's Church, Tipton, c. 1900s

    Added by @iamtimbo 4 years ago / Views: 6026
    In Gallery: Staffordshire Miscellaneous

    This iteration of St Martin's Church in Tipton was known locally as the 'pepperpot' (for obvious reasons!), and was opened in 1795, closing in the...

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    Queen's Hotel, Hastings, c. 1950s

    Added by @iamtimbo last year / Views: 1594
    In Gallery: East Sussex Miscellaneous

    The structure of the building still exists, but is no longer the Queen's Hotel. Very recognisable, but a far cry from the impression it gives in...

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    Chatham High Street/Military Road, Chatham, c. 1930s

    Added by @iamtimbo 4 years ago / Views: 2115
    In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

    The Burton building on the far corner still exists, and is now a Halifax building society, but many of the other buildings in this picture are long...

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    Lomax Street, Rochdale, c. 1900s

    Added by @iamtimbo 6 years ago / Views: 2775
    In Gallery: Lancashire Miscellaneous Photos

    First impressions may be deceptive, as the folk in this otherwise immaculate-looking street in fact look as if they may be very poor indeed....

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    Pearks Stores, Birmingham, c. 1910

    Added by @iamtimbo 6 years ago / Views: 2594
    In Gallery: Shops

    The staff pose for a picture outside Pearks Stores on the corner of Edgbaston Street. The perfect Victorian urban scene, complete with cheeky...

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    High Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, c. 1910s/1920s

    Added by @iamtimbo 2 years ago / Views: 1327
    In Gallery: Oxfordshire Miscellaneous

    In this retouched postcard, Woodstock looks quiet and peaceful. Apart from the traffic and parked cars, Woodstock hasn't changed very much at all...

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    Penmaenmawr from the West, c. 1936

    Added by @iamtimbo 4 years ago / Views: 345
    In Gallery: Wales Miscellaneous

    A view from Penmaenmawr mountain taken in 1936. The A55 North Wales Expressway now runs between the railway line (just visible in the centre of the...

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    Hampstead High Street, London, late 60s/early 70s

    Added by @iamtimbo 6 years ago / Views: 13697
    In Gallery: Hampstead High Street, London, c. early 1970s

    View from outside the greengrocers, with the Bird in Hand pub on the other side of the road. A newer building on the site is now (2015) a...

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    The Star and George Inns, Alfriston, c. 1930s

    Added by @iamtimbo last year / Views: 1280
    In Gallery: East Sussex Miscellaneous

    Much more traffic these days, but the buildings in the photo survive.

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