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Coronation Day, Bramley Park, June 22nd 1911

Added by @iamtimbo one month ago / Views: 48
In Gallery: West Yorkshire Miscellaneous

Children (3,000 apparently!) celebrate the Coronation of King George V.

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Quay Street, Orford, Suffolk, c. 1900s

Added by @iamtimbo one month ago / Views: 53
In Gallery: Suffolk Miscellaneous

Children play and pose for the camera in Orford.

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The Star Inn, Alfriston, East Sussex, Date Unknown

Added by @iamtimbo 2 months ago / Views: 84
In Gallery: East Sussex Miscellaneous

According to the Sussex Express, the Star Inn has been around in some form or another since the 13th Century. This photo is virtually undateable,...

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High Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, c. 1910s/1920s

Added by @iamtimbo 2 months ago / Views: 82
In Gallery: Oxfordshire Miscellaneous

In this retouched postcard, Woodstock looks quiet and peaceful. Apart from the traffic and parked cars, Woodstock hasn't changed very much at all...

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R. Atkinson, Newcastle upon Tyne, c. 1860s

Added by @iamtimbo 2 months ago / Views: 86
In Gallery: Tyne & Wear Miscellaneous

Posted only because I share a surname (!), but this building functioned as a Town Hall until 1968. It was demolished in 1973.

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Avenue Road, Wimborne Minster, c. 1905

Added by @iamtimbo 2 months ago / Views: 235
In Gallery: Dorset Miscellaneous

Looking from the bottom of Avenue Road towards St John’s Hill. Postcard is postmarked 1905.

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St Mary's Terrace, Victoria Road, Diss, Date Unknown

Added by @iamtimbo 3 months ago / Views: 116
In Gallery: Norfolk Miscellaneous

This is near the Tesco roundabout.

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High Street, Rochester, Date Unknown

Added by @iamtimbo 3 months ago / Views: 126
In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

The half-timbered building is now Mann's estate agent, and the building closest to the camera on the right is now Rochester Chicken Hut.

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Wimborne Road, Winton, Bournemouth, c. 1900

Added by @iamtimbo 3 months ago / Views: 195
In Gallery: Dorset Miscellaneous

This shot is taken looking north along Wimborne Road at the junction with Talbot Road (on the left). The building on the immediate right is now...

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The Yew Tree, Wimborne Minster, c. 1950s

Added by @iamtimbo 5 months ago / Views: 348
In Gallery: Wimborne Pictures

Genuninely impossible to date this from the postcard - I remember it looking pretty much like this in the early 1990s. I'm assuming this is...

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Family outside 'Brookdale', possibly Ferndown, c. 1900s

Added by @iamtimbo 7 months ago / Views: 348
In Gallery: Dorset Miscellaneous

The postcard credit on the back os for Frederick Ash of Victoria Road, Ferndown, so there is a chance that this is a local family, but the house...

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Coach & Horses, Wimborne Minster, c. 1900

Added by @iamtimbo 11 months ago / Views: 419
In Gallery: Wimborne Pictures

Hard to date this picture as the place didn't change for so long at a time, but turn of the 20th Century, I should think...

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Unknown Place, Unknown Date

Added by @iamtimbo last year / Views: 1423
In Gallery: Forgotten Photo Friday

Not a lot to go on here......but you never know! 1950s onwards...?

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Haworths Shop, Location Unknown, 1949

Added by @iamtimbo last year / Views: 1349
In Gallery: Forgotten Photo Friday

Yet another image that I thought would be easier to locate than it turned out! Lots of information in the picture, especially about the Benson’s...

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Thatched Cottage, Bourton, c. 1900s

Added by @iamtimbo last year / Views: 1386
In Gallery: Gloucestershire Miscellaneous

I really can't begin to work out exactly where this is in Bourton-on-the-Water - assuming it even is that Bourton, so if you know, please comment...

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“Practical Jobbing”, Unknown Location, Date Unknown

Added by @iamtimbo last year / Views: 1349
In Gallery: Forgotten Photo Friday

Great picture of a cobbler, complete with hammer and shoes in hand. Sadly no idea where it is, or who, or when. If you have any thoughts, then...

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