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Thatched Cottage, Bourton, c. 1900s

Added by @iamtimbo one month ago / Views: 84
In Gallery: Gloucestershire Miscellaneous

I really can't begin to work out exactly where this is in Bourton-on-the-Water - assuming it even is that Bourton, so if you know, please comment...

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“Practical Jobbing”, Unknown Location, Date Unknown

Added by @iamtimbo 3 months ago / Views: 166
In Gallery: Forgotten Photo Friday

Great picture of a cobbler, complete with hammer and shoes in hand. Sadly no idea where it is, or who, or when. If you have any thoughts, then...

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Church of St James, Holt, c. 1900s

Added by @iamtimbo 3 months ago / Views: 281
In Gallery: Dorset Miscellaneous

According to the Wimborne Minster website, this building is a rebuilt chapel of 1834, and includes a pulpit and bell formerly belonging to the...

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Rochester Road, Burham, c. 1900s

Added by @iamtimbo 4 months ago / Views: 250
In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

No dating information on here, but would guess it to be around the 1900s.

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High Street, Sittingbourne, c. 1900s

Added by @iamtimbo 4 months ago / Views: 540
In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

Traditional view down Sittingbourne High Street - not a motor vehicle in sight, but plenty of action. That ladder propped up against the clock...

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Tolpuddle, Dorset, c. 1940s

Added by @iamtimbo 7 months ago / Views: 275
In Gallery: Dorset Miscellaneous

A few looking to towards the thatched cottages in Tolpuddle opposite the Martyrs’ Seat, built to commemorate the Tolpuddle Martyrs. The seat and...

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Newcastle Street, London, 1907

Added by @iamtimbo 3 years ago / Views: 782
In Gallery: Allsorts

This building in Newcastle Street carries hoardings advertising all sorts of products, from lager to soap. Newcastle Street no longer exists -...

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Thornton Road, Goxhill, c. 1920s

Added by @iamtimbo 9 months ago / Views: 181
In Gallery: Lincolnshire Miscellaneous

Very hard to tell when this picture was taken, but the houses are all still there, and relatively unchanged.

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Newington Station, c. 1940s

Added by @iamtimbo 9 months ago / Views: 110
In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

A shot looking along Newington Station in the 1940s.

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Taylor’s Hill, Chilham, c. Late 1800s

Added by @iamtimbo 9 months ago / Views: 207
In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

View here hasn’t changed too much in the last hundred or so years. The house on the left appears to have been slightly reconfigured, but the roof...

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Mather Lane Mill from the Bridgewater Canal Towpath

Added by @iamtimbo 3 years ago / Views: 510
In Gallery: Mather Lane Spinning Company, Leigh, c. 1970s

Accordingly to Wikipedia: “The second Mather Lane Mill is a Grade II listed cotton spinning mill on the north bank of the Bridgewater Canal. It was...

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Chatham from the Lines, c. 1930s

Added by @iamtimbo 2 years ago / Views: 441
In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

Looking west from the Lines, with what is now the Brook Theatre, but then the Town Hall, on the right hand side. Sun Pier is visible in the...

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High Street, Chatham, c. 1900s

Added by @iamtimbo last year / Views: 663
In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

The High Street is virtually unrecognisable in this picture, with so much modernisation having been carried out in the intervening century. A...

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Richard Watts's Charity House, Rochester, c. 1906

Added by @iamtimbo 3 years ago / Views: 462
In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

This is a Raphael Tuck postcard looking towards the bridge. The charity house remains unchanged externally (although is more generally known as Six...

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Chestnut Avenue, Walderslade, c. 1910s

Added by @iamtimbo last year / Views: 208
In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

The date on this image is a complete guess, as there is so little in the picture to go on. Now heavily developed for residential use, in this...

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Chatham High Street/Military Road, Chatham, c. 1930s

Added by @iamtimbo last year / Views: 561
In Gallery: Kent Miscellaneous

The Burton building on the far corner still exists, and is now a Halifax building society, but many of the other buildings in this picture are long...

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