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Bug Reports

» For reporting bugs, issues, typos - general issues with the core functionality of the site.
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General Support

» Post here for general support or help with features of Our Town Story.
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Geographic Issues

» Please report any geographic discrepancies here, for example map locations, or incorrect place name spellings.
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» We need your feedback to improve Our Town Story, especially during testing - please add your thoughts here!
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Feature Requests

» If there are any feature that you think Our Town Story might benefit from, then please add a forum topic here.
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Place Biography Requests

» We couldn't add all 43,115 biogs in one go! Please request place biography requests here.
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Resource Requests

» Every place profile has a “Resources” tab, where resources relevant to that page can be added, like this one here: If you would like to add one, please post the information here, and once we’ve verified it, we’ll add it in....
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» Keeping you up to date with the latest improvements.
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The Café

» General Our Town Story chit chat and discussion...
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The Bar

» Discussions on anything you like - from Who Do You Think You Are to research tips and hints....