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We really want Our Town Story to be an album for your old photos, to fill in the gaps in the history books of our villages, towns and cities. We would also love for those pictures to be able to help others - for instance by using reminiscence therapy in treating dementia

We're still a work in progress, and we appreciate all suggestions and observations!

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Staffordshire Archives and Heritage, alongside partners the Wellcome Trust, are carrying out a project to shed light upon the history of Staffordshire’s three County Asylums; Stafford (opened in 1818), Burntwood (1864) and Cheddleton (1899). The research goes down to patient-level; in this piece, Edward Sillito looks at Phoebe Darby, originally of West Bromwich, but eventually found herself in the Asylum at Stafford (@stafford-staffordshire-england-st16-3).