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Welcome on board newest member @katiehrgs - hope you're finding your way around ok! Any issues, drop us a line in the admin forums - you'll find a link on the homepage under the slideshow! :)
16 Aug 2017 19:00:52 @admin:

Lovely to see your Rose Inn picture - don't forget to go back to your image and fill in the title, description, map location, etc - more info here.... :)

17 Aug 2017 18:46:38 @admin:

Well, it looks like you've got the hang of that! Thanks for posting those pictures; it's exactly the sort of thing we were hoping to see! 

As you're with @hrgs, I've 'upgraded' you to an organisation - essentially it means that you can use (but only if you want/need to) a couple of extra fields in the image detail pages to show image reference numbers from your end.

This might be useful if a member of the public wanted to visit you in person to examine the original. It's explained better here....