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What photos are we after exactly?

By: admin
Posted in: OTS Announcements
What photos are we after exactly?

You've probably noticed that we've started adding lots of different images to the site (we call it 'seeding') - these are images that are in the public domain, but are really way more 'mainstream' than is the point of Our Town Story. We're doing that to test the underlying functionality of the site, and make sure all the galleries and mapping functions work properly.

We hope that people will share the pictures that perhaps they might think are a bit more run of the mill, but in fact might well be the ones that people are most interested in.

They could be general shots of the street where you grew up - maybe during big events like jubilee street parties or the coronation, or just ones you took when testing a new camera! They might be pictures of the railway before it closed, or a big local event - essentially the pictures that wouldn't otherwise see the light of day.

Every picture has comments enabled, so you can offer your thoughts on images you remember - you or your family and friends might even be in some of them...

So have a dig about, see what you can find, and share them with Our Town Story, to help tell your town's story!