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Where Do You Think You're From?

user image 2017-01-24
By: admin
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Where Do You Think You're From?

What's all this about? Well, this project, named Our Town Story, aims to become a people's archive and local history resource. Members can post photographs, memories, resource and event information for their local area or town - each town and village in the UK has its own profile page ready-made. You can see what a 'populated' town profile looks like here

As an archive of people's own photographs and memories (rather than the ones that made the local history books), we hope the site will appeal to local historians, family historians, schools and students, as well as members of the public reminiscing - a kind of Where Do You Think You're From? , rather than Who Do You Think You Are?

We intend to operate on a not-for-profit principle. One day, we'd like to be able to provide large-format copies of photographs posted on the site to care homes, as well as buying other items which could be used in reminiscence therapy for dementia sufferers and which can be expensive to acquire otherwise. This could also help residents feel more at home when they move to this type of accommodation. We may also develop an app to further develop this integration.

It's an entirely spare-time enterprise at the moment with no budget other than what we pay for ourselves, but we believe it could be a go-to resource for the whole country with a real social benefit.

Curious? Sign up, dig out your old pictures, and share them for the benefit of the community! :)

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