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Our Town Story: First Principles

By: admin
Posted in: OTS Announcements

As it's a while since we've done an update, and we've had a lot of new members since then, here's a quick guide to the fundamental principles of Our Town Story...

Almost every item on Our Town Story is 'geotagged' - pinned to a specific location -  whether it's a photo, YouTube video or event. That means that when a user wants to search for one of those resources belonging to a place, they you can find it easily. 

The town's profile page will pull in all the images/videos/events within a certain radius around that place. Therefore, if you don't geotag* your items, they will never show up, and other users will never see them.

So, always remember to geotag your items when you add titles/descriptions, etc.

It's that simple!

You can geotag your items, by going to your gallery (from your own profile page), tapping/clicking on the photo/video in question, and then changing it's settings by tapping or clicking on the 'cog' icon above it. It's dead can see the 'edit' cog in this picture.... :) 


23 Jul 2017 18:30:54 @admin:

IMPORTANT! PLEASE SEE THIS UPDATE! Things have moved on since this was written! :)