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Updated Terms & Conditions

By: admin
Posted in: OTS Announcements

As we hope you know, we want it to be clear that you will always own the rights to the material you contribute to Our Town Story. Following an observation by a user, we've clarified some of the language in the Terms & Conditions. 

T's & C's are inherently complicated, and the difficulty for us is retaining the copyright to the bits of the website we do own, whilst leaving you with yours. The following paragraph has been added for clarity in Section 3:

"(c) where non-public domain material is contributed to the site by members or users, unless otherwise stated by that contributor, copyright should be assumed to belong exclusively to the contributor and that contributor shall be treated as the copyright holder subject to the normal provisions of copyright law and the licensing provisions in Section 9."

Section 9 outlines the fact that you only grant Our Town Story a licence to actually display your contributions on the website itself (otherwise we wouldn't have a website!). This is really important to us  - click here to find out why other websites may not be so honest with your personal images...

If you have any issues with this change, please let us know below; whilst we can't infinitely adapt the Terms & Conditions, we do want them to be credible and as clear as possible.