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@tonygray • 3 years ago • comments: 0
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@tonygray • 3 years ago
Shared an update: The wonderful original Borden Grammar School (Barrow School) controversially built by William Barrow’s BordenTrust. It later became the Kent Farm Institute (infamously connected with Sittingbourne Carnival and manure!) and more recently as a Kent Adult Education Centre. Now it's future is uncertain with rumours of sale or demolition. I would love the powers to be at KCC to come clean with it's plans for the building. In the meantime it is heading towards a state of disrepair. I would hate to see this building rot away, or even worse, become another victim of a mystery activity which would render it unusable for any purpose. Have you any stories of this building? What would you like to see it become? Who should take over consideration of this building and how any plans should be financed? Would love to hear views and ideas.